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We values sustainability &

environmental stewardship 

Latifundium was established in 2010

Numerous direct investments have been made, as well as the development of globally diversified portfolios for (semi)-institutional clients and high net worth individuals

We are in charge of analyzing, structuring, negotiating, acquiring, and managing

international agricultural and forestry investments in all relevant jurisdictions

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Wind Turbines

S.T.A.F® A unique investment approach

At LATIFUNDIUM we value the forest and are passionate about enriching it every day: We see, respect and feel the trees and the soil, and day by day we understand better how to best do justice to the forest in its place


The conservation and development of a forest is a complex system involving individual trees, plants, mammals, birds and microorganisms. It becomes even more complex if this ecosystem is to serve an economic benefit. That's why we created S.T.A.F.® 

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S.T.A.F® is the foundation of our business model; every action, strategy, and decision must be founded on S.T.A.F.®

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S. T. A. F. ® brings together all the necessary tools to make our investments successful - by combining:

- Future through science (SCIENCE)

- Tradition (TRADITION) as a responsible approach to our heritage and respect for nature

- Present through the art (ART) of forest management

- Finance (FINANCE) as the ability to accurately model current and future returns

I leverage my quantitative skills and experience to craft optimal asset & portfolio compositions maximising financial returns & positive environmental impact

Dr Christian Clasen

Head of Transaction & Portfolio Management




Forestry is a science

Forest science builds on basic subjects such as biology, chemistry and statistics and is connected to practice through a high level of relevance to business administration, logistics, ecology and environmental policy


Due to climate change and society's increasing demands on the forest, forestry has to constantly adapt to scientific knowledge


At Latifundium we are passionate about these challenges and work closely with various scientific organizations to stay at the cutting edge of science and technology


Modern, IT-supported forest management helps us to make robust, reliable and future-oriented decisions



Forestry is tradition 

In Europe, for centuries, forests have belonged to families who have known how to respect and preserve the natural ecosystem of the forest


From childhood, the rule was that one is not the owner, but the guardian of the family heritage


All important decisions are therefore linked to living up to the resulting responsibility towards the ancestors, as well as towards the living generation and the descendants in the management of the forests


This includes:


I was raised to be a steward of the land for the next generation

 I am passionate about promoting positive environmental impacts while raising living standards through sustainable development


Maximilian Graf von Maldeghem 

Forest management is not just about managing people. Throughout all these years, the forest has taught me to be humble. Each forest is unique, managing, developing and preserving it requires the deepest passion and understanding of the complexity of the entire ecosystem


Max Freiherr von Eltz Rubenach

Co-founder and Asset Management Director




Forest management is an art

The forests that we look after are very diverse


As a result, their management also requires different approaches, as do local traditions, cultural and ethical expectations, the average property size and the supporting structures


Climate and environmental changes often make situations unique


Forestry must be seen not only as a science but also as an art



We are convinced that investing in forestry is an investment in progress


We also believe that investors are making a contribution to solving the world's greatest challenges


It's about doing business in a better way and creating a momentum that encourages more and more people to invest in ESG compliant projects like sustainable forestry


"Wood investments pique my interest because they combine high ESG-ratings with financial performance. As the owner of a wood processing company, I strive to create precise financial models to protect and grow our clients' wealth."

Dr Florian Siemer

Head of Finance & Partner


Our work would not be possible without our local teams


They are responsible for local operations and also use their local knowledge to help us develop interesting new investment strategies


Our cooperation is based on freedom and trust


Together with our local teams, we have set up a rigorous controlling and reporting system that always gives us a good overview and is the basis for well-founded decisions

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I am the third generation of a land-owning family in Argentina. Through my studies and previous work experiences, I have acquired the necessary skills to run large-scale agricultural and forestry operations


Partnering with Latifundium gives me the opportunity to fulfill my dream: Developing and managing large-scale, sustainable projects that deliver superior financial and social returns for our clients


Head of Local Asset Management



As passionate lover of healthy landscapes, I specialize in promoting land resilience and sustainable management practices to generate reliable returns for investors


 I believe forestry is an integral part of successful land management


Head of Asset Management




FOCAM is a owned-managed, asset-managing family office

We are working closely with Focam in oder to find the best portfolio solutions for their clients

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